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Photostory Directions:


1.  Create a new Folder in your network folder.

2.  "Google" and search for your pictures.

3.  Save your pictures in your network folder naming them "Picture   1", "Picture 2", etc.

4.  Open Photostory (start > All programs > Photostory 3)

5.  Import your pictures

6.  Rearrange pictures by dragging/dropping them along the timeline.  Edit your pictures during this first step, too.

7.  Add text to your pictures.  You can choose font and colors and arrange the font at the top, middle, or bottom.

8.  Narration may be added.

9.  Choose and import your music. 

10.  Save your PROJECT and then click NEXT.  You must move to the next screen to save your video to YOUR NETWORK folder as a FINISHED Story that will playback on your computer.