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Power Point Tips

Power Point Tips

  • Use your power point as an AID to your presentation, not AS your presentation. Use the NOTES to make sure you add essential information ORALLY during your presentation.
  • Repitition of design is important.  Visual elements that repeat are pleasing to the eye.  In addition, the unified look of a Power Point causes the audience to think that the presentation's message is also unified and that the creator knows what he/she is talking about.
  • Choose a consistent background.  Use transitions sparingly.
  • 7 x 7 rule...7 words on no more than 7 lines. 
  • Less is MORE
  • Align your text.  Alignment creates strong lines that keep the viewer focused and create an elegant look to the page.


Tricks within Power Point


1.  How to Link Slides
          a.  Type the text or identify the picture you want to link.

                 b.  Highlight the text (if it is a picture, right click)

                  c.  Right click on the text

           d.  Select Action Settings

           e.  Next, you will be promted as to which action you would like the text to do.  Choose Hyperlink to and then select Slide from the drop down menu.

           f.  Next, you will be asked which slide you want to link to.  Select the slide and click OK.

           g.  You will then see the titles of your slides.  Chose the one you want to link to and click ok.